The WARP Downloads


Powers and Cards in PDF Format

Aliens from White Dwarf
Asteroids Powers
Asteroid power Flares
Asteroid power Flares (1-shot)
Bad Powers
Bad power Flares
Cosmic Dune Edicts
Cosmic Dune Powers
Cosmic Dune Flares
Cosmic Dune Flares (1 shot)
Cosmic Illuminati Powers
Cosmic Illuminati Encounter Flares
Dagger Cards with border
Dagger Cards without border
Destiny Deck (in 10 colors)
Edictators Powers
Edictators Flares
Edictators Flares (1-shot)
Hazard Deck
Lovecraftian Encounter Flares
Lovecraftian Encounter Flares (1-shot)
Lovecraftian Encounter Powers
Moon Powers
Moon power Flares
Moon power Flares (1-shot)
New Edicts
Prisoner Powers
Prisoner power Flares
Prisoner power Flares (1-shot)
Prisoner Rulings
Rules in Dutch
Rules in Spanish
Subterfuge Cards
Subterfuge Powers
Subterfuge power Flares
Subterfuge power Flares (1 shot)
War Powers
War power Flares

Game Components in PDF Format

Asteroid Markers
Tech Markers

Destiny Pile Additions in PDF Format

8 Armistice Cards
2 Armistice Cards and 6 Theurgy Cards

Encounter Magazine in PDF Format

Encounter 1.1
Encounter 1.2
Encounter 1.3
Encounter 1.4
Encounter 1.5
Encounter 1.6
Encounter 2.1
Encounter 2.2
Encounter 2.3
Courtesy of Bill Olmesdahl

Eon Rules in PDF Format

Courtesy of Steven Staton

Expansion Cards in Word format

Mayfair Pulsars
Gerald Katz Pulsars
Mayfair Nebulas
Gerald Katz Nebulas

Desktop Theme for Windows in ZIP format

Cursors, Icons, Wallpapers

Additional files courtesy of Ron Hale-Evans, Gerald Katz, and Jack Reda

The PDF files require Acrobat Reader