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Welcome to The Warp...

This site is a compilation of Cosmic Encounter variants and expansions from various sources on the Internet, and some basic rules for the game (for various versions of the game). Aaron Fuegi and Marcus Porter compiled much of the original Internet material back in the early 90's. I have reviewed, edited, clarified, added, and tried to improve the overall content.

Several expansions were originally files or articles posted on the Internet or CE Newsgroup. In these cases, text in Italics usually denotes comments added by me, rather than the original author. In addition, I tried to clear up the wording in some cases where the rules seemed too ambiguous, or were simply unclear. I hope no one is offended.

How to use the site:

With so much content, I've attempted to streamline finding things by dividing it into categories, with drop down menus. The first one is the different kinds of Encounter Cards (previously called Challenge Cards in older versions of CE). After that, any other card you'd find in the Encounter Deck are in the next drop down menu, continuing down to other components and mechanics in the game. If there's something specific you are looking for, you can always use the Site Index.

The main page can be reached again by clicking on the spinning Warp logo at the bottom of any other page on the site.

Pages with icons at the bottom indicate which version of CE the variant or expansion is designed for; Eon version, Mayfair version, and/or the Fantasy Flight version:

We are constantly trying to make this site better, and your help is appreciated. Any expansions, rules, opinions, or suggestions are welcome.

Simply send me email at warp @

Special thanks to Aaron Fuegi, Gerald Katz, Bryan Bowe, Carl Park, Patrick Riley, Duke Ritenhouse, Kevin Wilson, and especially Marcus Porter (for all of the behind the scenes wizardry).

Jack Reda

Abbreviations and Notes:
CE or Cosmic- The game Cosmic Encounter, all variations.
Fantasy Flight Version - Latest version of Cosmic Encounter from Fantasy Flight Games.
FFG - Fantasy Flight Games
Mayfair Version - Mayfair version of Cosmic Encounter, includes MCE.
Mayfair CE - Mayfair Cosmic Encounter set, does not include MCE.
MCE - More Cosmic Encounter, the Mayfair Game expansion set.
SC - Simply Cosmic, a Mayfair beginner's version.
Eon - Original Eon version of Cosmic (see below).
AH - Avalon Hill version of CE (current version).

Major differences in the Eon Version: (from the Mayfair versions):

  • Lucre add to total in challenges. A player gets 1 Lucre only at the very start of his turn. Lucre can be used only to buy tokens from the Warp (or Praw), or cards from the deck on a one-for-one basis.
  • Flares, unless they specifically say they are "discard after use", are multiple-use. You can continue using most flares (usually once per challenge) until you get a new hand or the flare is flare-zapped or you lose the card. This applies to both Wild and Super Flares.

    Major differences in the Fantasy Flight Version: (from Eon/Mayfair):

  • Challenge Cards are called Encounter Cards
  • Bases are called Colonies
  • Compromises are now called Negotiates
  • The Hyperspace Cone is the Hyperspace Gate
  • Edicts are called Artifacts
  • Tokens are called ships

    Major differences in the Avalon Hill Version: (from all previous versions):

  • Challenge Cards are called Encounter Cards
  • Bases are called Colonies
  • Compromises are called Negotiates
  • The Hyperspace Cone is the Mothership
  • Edicts are called Artifacts
  • Tokens are called ships

    Abbreviations on Powers:

    The first part indicates if a power is Mandatory, Optional, or Both.
    The second part is the origin of the power.
    The third part is what restriction or expansion the power belongs to (if it is a basic power, there is no third indicator).


    AMOEBA: [O:E]
    The O is Optional power; E stands for Eon.

    FOG: [M:SG57]
    The M is Mandatory power; SG57 is Space Gamer 57.

    ATREIDES: [O:Warp:D]
    The O is Optional power; Warp is The Warp; D means it is only used in Cosmic Dune.


    0 : Published in the Eon base set
    1 : Eon expansion 1
    2 : Eon expansion 2
    3 : Eon expansion 3
    4 : Eon expansion 4
    6 : Eon expansion 6
    7 : Eon expansion 7
    9 : Eon expansion 9
    Archi : Cosmic Encounter Archives
    CEO : Cosmic Encounter Online
    E1.1 : Encounter Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1 Jan/Feb 1983
    E1.2 : Encounter Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 Mar/Apr 1983
    E1.3 : Encounter Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3 May/June 1983
    E1.4 : Encounter Magazine Volume 1, Issue 4 July/Aug 1983
    E1.5 : Encounter Magazine Volume 1, Issue 5 Sept/Oct 1983
    E1.6 : Encounter Magazine Volume 1, Issue 6 Nov/Dec 1983
    E2.1 : Encounter Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1 1991
    E2.2 : Encounter Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2 1991
    E2.3 : Encounter Magazine Volume 2, Issue 3 1992
    FFG : Published in the Fantasy Flight Games base set
    FFGfo : First appearance was on the Fantasy Flight forums
    Fram : Authored by the Framingham game group
    Mayfa : Published in the Mayfair base set
    MCE : Published in More Cosmic Encounter, from Mayfair
    rec.c : First appearace was on the rec.boardgames.ce newsgroup
    SG57 : First appearance was in Space Gamer magazine, issue 57
    Sp12 : First appearance was in Spartan magazine, issue 12
    Warp : First appearace was on The Warp
    WashU : Authored by the Washington University game group WWW : First appearace on a miscellaneous internet site


    A : Asteroids
    AC : Alliance Cards
    B : Bad Powers
    BL : Bad and Lucre
    CAM : Camelot Encounter
    D: Cosmic Dune
    DS: Dimensional Shift
    E : Edictators
    H : Hazards
    HL : Hazards and Lucre
    Hy : Hyperspace
    L : Lucre
    LE : Lovecraftian Encounter
    LM : Lucre and Moons
    LP : Lucre and Prisoners
    LR : Lucre and Rewards Deck
    LT : Lucre and Technology
    LuE : Lunar Encounter
    M : Moons
    P : Prisoners
    Pl : Planet
    Pu : Pulsars
    RH : Reverse Hex
    S : Subterfuge
    T : Technology
    TC : Team Cosmic
    2 : Do not use in a two-player game