The WARP Submissions


The Warp is happy to include new ideas, concepts, expansions, powers, etc.

If you have something you would like to add to the site, send me the info: warp @

Please provide the following:

Your name and email address (so people can contact you with questions about your expansion).

-Name of the card
-Type of card (Destiny, Challenge, etc)
-Artwork (if you have any)
-Description of effects
-Restrictions or known conflicts

Optional rules for existing game components
-Existing component
-New rules, ideas, etc

-Name or concept for the Conversion -Rules -Added powers, cards, etc -Artwork (if available)


POWER NAME [O, M, or B ¹ : SET : Restriction Abbreviation] ONE LINE SUMMARY OF POWER
You have the power of blank. Describe power in detail here...

History: Put something, even if it's dull.

Wild: Wild Retained (Eon style) Flare here.

Wild1: Wild One shot (Mayfair style) Flare or Nebula Effect here.

Super: Super Retained (Eon Style) Flare or Nebula Effect here.

Super1: Super One shot (Mayfair style) Flare here.

Pro: If you have a Pulsar effect put it here.

Con: If you have a Pulsar or Nebula Effect put it here.

Restriction: Any power or expansion restrictions go here.

All flare types are optional, but there should at least be a wild and super.

¹ O is Optional Power, M is Mandatory Power, and B is Both. Restriction abbreviation is only used when applicable (Example: M = Use only in game with Moons).
SET is the name of the expansion it comes with. It should usually be your initials.

Any artwork submissions should be original work only. Credit appears in the ALT tag.